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Production Machinery

High Precision NC Lathe Machines

Manufacturer Seibu Electric & Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Model SNC-35P

High precision machine which has achieved dimensional tolerance of ±0.5μm. Special structure prevents the heat generated by ball screws and servo motors to transfer to slide, which realized high precision and high efficiency without the need of controling measurement in manufacturing line.


High Precision CNC Multi-Tasking Lathe Machine

Manufacturer Yamazaki Mazak

High speed, high precision CNC Multi-Tasking Lathe Machine that can process large diameter with 5 spindles. This machine equipped with 15inch chuck and can do once chuck process of large and complicated products, which shorten the development and manufacturing period while maintaining the high precision quality.


Machining Center

Manufacturer Yasuda
Model YBM-950V

Low vibration by the preload self-adjustable spindle and the high rigid structure, and low thermal deformation by the heat solution at ball screw nut portion realize stable high precision processing for use of a long time.


Rotary Grinding Machine

Manufcturer Techno Washino
Model SS-501N

High precision and high efficient grinding machine that can process mirror and flat surface. NC Command 0.0001supported.


Wire Electric Discharge Machine

Manufacturer Sodick
Model A325

NC Wire EDM that can process metal materials with an electrical wire at the thickness of a human hair. Heat generated by the electrical discharging between the electrical wire and the metal object melts the portion and cuts the metal object.


Narrow Hole Electric Discharge Machine

Manufacturer Sodick
Model K1CN

This machine cuts metal objects with a pipe electrode of φ0.25mm - 3.0mm. This can process many materials such as difficult-to-machine materials, aluminum, nonferrous metals.



Roundness Measuring Machine

Manufacturer/td> Taylor-Bobson
Model Talyrond 265

Easy operation, quick and high precision measuring performance. This machine can analyze roundness and geometric shapes in details.


Measuring Instrument

Manufacturer Trimos
Model Mini-Horizontal TELS THV

This is a comparative measuring instrument that measures dimentional accuracy of workpiece.


Video Measuring Machine

Manufacturer TESA
Model V-300DCC

This video-based non-contact machine measures pressing, tooling, printed circuit board and small electrical components.



Thermostatic Chamber

We do each process of final polishing, lapping and inspection in the thermostatic chamber at 22.5 degrees C. The inspection results of the parts and the equipment that require high accuracy can be varied by temperature and dust.
We use this chamber to guarantee the quality for customers by maintaining the measuring environment.



Machines Performance Qty Machines Performance Qty
Multi-Task NC Lathe φ500mm 1 Surface Grinder X600 Y250 Z280 2
Multi-Task NC Lathe φ300mm 1 Internal Grinder φ6 - φ100 1
Multi-Task NC Lathe φ200mm 1 Internal Grinder φ150 - φ280 1
NC Lathe φ200mm 3 Center less Grinder Max.φ200 1
High P. NC Lathe φ100mm 11 Rotary Grinder φ510 3
Machining Center X500 Y360 Z360 1 Shaping Grinder 150×200 1
Machining Center X600 Y450 Z450 1 Lapping Machine φ110 1
Machining Center X900 Y500 Z350 1 Lapping Machine φ470 1
Wire Cut X820 Y600 Z220 1 Video Measuring M. X300 Y200 Z150 1
Narrow Hole Electric Discharge Machine Min.0.2mm 1 Roundness M. M. - φ350 1
Milling Machine 500×250 1 Surface Roughness M 0 - 100 1
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