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Management Philosophy

  • 1.We respect Health and Balance of min, and we make our company as the venue for making attractive humans.
  • 2.Concentrating mutual Wisdom, we fulfill a role to play a part of the affluent lives of the human race.
  • 3.Making full use of high level technologies, we keep the Enthusiasm to enhance high expertise.
360°Eyes looking out over the future with the power of observation for 360 degrees.

We made our symbol with the 4 markings "East, West, South, North". We are aiming to establish our own branding by watching the trend of the times with keen powers of observation for all directions.Character name is "NEWS" picking the initial letters, whcih includes the meaning "Yoshioka Seiko will always make new NEWS.".

Qaulity, Environment Policy

Yoshioka Seiko will try to achieve the environmental performance while gaining the customer satisfaction comprehensively by realizing the following 6 purposes upon executing manufacture of high precision parts stating management philosophy as the mainstay.

  • Hightening Technologies, Performances and Spirit through our manufacturing, we respect each other and grow up together as healthy and attractive humans together.
  • Creating Products, Ideas and Services, we take a part of safe and comfortable lives.
  • We contribute to the development of the most advanced industrial technologies in the world.
  • We pursue world-advanced industrial technologies and organizational capacity utilizing specialty of each staff.
  • Distributing profit to related people properly, we contribute to the future development of our organization.
  • We try to comply with laws and regulations, reduction of environmental load and provide environmetal information.
  1. We review our quality and environmental management system and plan continuous improvements in order for our products and services to get customer satisfaction by meeting all the requirements of our customers and society, and to hold related environmental aspects to prevent environmental contamination.

  2. We state targets in quality of our products and try to achieve the targets every year to fulfill our quality policy.

  3. We state environmental targets and purposes and we try to achieve them to fulfill our environmental policy. We work on the followings as important theme for environmental management among environmental aspects that our products and services are involved.

    • We try to supply environment oriented products to help customers to do Green Purchasing.

    • We try to reduce industrial wastes and control industrial wastewater.

    • We perform power saving in our factory.

  4. We state self-standard and manage it to comply with environmental laws and other requirements that we accept by ourselves.

  5. We do full dissemination of this quality and environmental policy to all our employees and partnering companies and also disclose it outside the company.


  • お客様が喜ぶ仕事をする

    All our staff stands in customers’ position and does the best for customers exhaustively.
    This is the origin of our job.

  • コミュニケーションを取る

    “Having Communication” means “the relation to share the purpose and the target of business and cooperate each other”, which is a mandatory action to do the jobs that can satisfy customers.

  • 勉強する

    Study is needed to heighten the performance to achieve the jobs.
    Studying is a mandatory action to the jobs that can satisfy customers.

Our company values these actions.
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